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Question of trust was always critical on the web and as generally known web today is one of the weakest place in regard to protection of someone’s privacy or rights. It affects almost all industries on the web and hotel reservation as well. This issue becomes more important while the industry expands. The percentage of internet-based hotel reservations was tripled in 2004 to 15.4 percent from 4.9 according to Andersen LLP. It is generally known that 85% of Internet users rely on search engines to find any information on the Web (e.g. MSN, Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, etc). But we have to keep in mind that being listed in the top search results at the major search engines mentioned above gives no guarantee at all that a certain company is really reliable. While search engines make their ranking rules more strict, there are still a good number of websites with false reputation that appear in the top search results at major search engines by using some tricks. To make it clear and help web-surfers to understand this issue from a professional point of view our team will give some major hints to which anyone should pay attention to find the right company. We will discuss some issues about travel industry, which can be helpful in understanding of major problems.Most of the travel websites if not all of them provide only reservation service without giving any information or news about this fast developing industry on the web. According to the statistics, travel related websites generate a huge traffic on the web and of course it brings to a high competition in this industry. Every day thousands of new travel websites appear on the web but most of them after spending much efforts and finance, disappear from the web as easily as they appeared first. The reason – it is not an easy task to build quality, travel website able to provide not only quality service but also to present a wide range of products professionally. There are many travel websites providing so many information, partly useful and partly not since they don’t understand the market, its specific needs, needs of customers which finally brings to abundance of the information collected on the website thus making a trouble to a visitor to find easily what he needs. Other websites while having good hotel database still can’t organize their website in a proper way. If you visit this kind of website you can hardly find information about the city that you need. You have to spend a few minutes trying to find what you need among huge amount of text links. Hotel search must be organized as easy as possible divided by cities, countries, type of hotels with good advanced search boxes for the best discount hotel deals.On some websites when you start searching for discount hotel deals, the engine gives you only a few results leaving you almost not a choice. Or you have to visit each hotel link separately resulting in spending much time. That’s why the most important in any industry on the web and especially in travel service is to collect information about all discount hotel deals in the best way and put them in front of the customer professionally to make his reservation procedure as easy and fast as possible. To provide this service a travel website team must be knowledgeable first and experienced through years not just a few days or months.In addition to the competition, another problem, a visitor is having on the web today is a trust. We have to agree that it is not an easy to pay your hard earned money on the web without knowing anything about website. It is another problem web visitors are having today. You have to be very careful when you choose a website on the web. The best solution is to choose a website which is the old experienced on the web. There are many young sectors on the web where it is hard to find an experienced website. There are a few websites in travel industry that exist on the web for the last 10, 15 years. It is a good criteria to choose the right website. Another advantage of the experienced websites is that they know how to serve their customers since they have a good experience, they know different types of problems that may appear during hotel reservation and they know how to solve these problems professionally. That’s why the best choice is to visit this kind of websites or the ones that connected to them through affiliate links thus providing almost the same quality of service.When you visit a travel website pay attention to Customer Care section, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Cancel Reservation Policy, Confirming Reservation, Payment Issues and other Frequently Asked Questions section. Availability and detailed description of these sections gives another credibility to a website. Pay attention to the availability of the phone number with a live person to reply to any of your question. If you find subscription to a newsletter option that says that a website team builds a long and strong relations with their customers. A good website provides secure reservation thus protecting their customers from many problems on the web. is a Better Business Bureau organization that provides information on over two million organizations and websites and it is advisable to check any website before you invest. When you visit a website and find BBB sign with a link taking you to the main base of this organization testifying that a website you visited has a long presence on the web and a reliable partner then you can stop this website and choose it as your travel provider. If this sign is not available it doesn’t decrease credibility of a website but its availability is preferable.Finally, we have to keep in mind that a good, quality website is not the one that provides reservation service but rather the one that builds a strong relations with its customers, provides full service including solutions to the problems a customer may have. It is the best strategy any website should follow.Have a good

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Way too often I hear the sad story of high expense, consternation and confusion from travel professionals desperate to figure out how-to profitably promote their offerings. It’s not unusual for them to spend 10′s if not 100′s of thousands on brochures, websites, advertising, trade show booths, E-marketing, etc. trying to increase sales and arrivals. The worst part is, they often do not know if their promotional message or vehicle even worked or had positive return on investment. Or if it did, why?Does this sound at all familiar? Maybe like you?Good news.This is the first of five articles, where you will learn some simple, but highly effective marketing strategies that most travel professionals totally overlook. Let me be your guide into the sometimes “perilous land of promotions” for destinations, tour packagers, lodge, resorts or anyone in the tourism industry. On this important journey, you will learn how-to break down the critical elements of your marketing communications into bit-sized pieces that has more then doubled the results of travel professionals I know.How Effective Is Your Marketing?One of the primary ways the majority of your prospective clients are going to find out about your tourism destination or tour is through the written word (copy) on your web site, brochure, ads, etc. The effectiveness of the copy used in your marketing materials has a significant impact on your bottom line. If you don’t grab and compel a prospect in their first exposure to your offerings, especially on your home page, trade show banner, headlines of ads or flyers, they are gone – and fast.Don’t believe me? Next time you have are exhibiting at a travel trade show, count how many seconds it takes for a prospect, whose bags are stuffed with brochures they may never read, to pass by your booth. Maybe 4 – 6 seconds?How about your website visitor logs. Check them out and you’ll find that a HUGE percentage of your prospects are not staying or are leaving in less than a minute.Guess what. It is the same with your brochures, print and electronic ads, postcards, sales letters and more.Creating clarity and quality in your marketing communications, so that your prospective buyers quickly find what they are looking for, is the winning combination to increased sales and arrivals.Your Marketing Communications Don’t Automatically = SalesNo matter if you’re trying to put together a group or promote a tour company, lodge, destination or even a whole state, you have got to be able to communicate your marketing message effectively. Unfortunately, most tourism professionals don’t know how to write marketing and sales oriented promotional materials. They usually hire graphic artists or web designers for this.Bad news.Graphic artists, designers and web technicians are not usually sales people either. So your travel marketing and sales investments suffer.Creating Marketing Collateral Material That Sell!The tourism marketing communications guide I use to create copy that sells is: Tourism Marketing Success and the Defining/Credibility (D/C) Statement.A good D/C Statement© will help you qualify your best prospects FAST and then speak quickly to their basic motivators; their needs, concerns, desires and fears.This is a core influence on their purchasing decisions.The D/C Statement is a four-part marketing communication building block that quickly:1. Defines your travel offerings2. Provides descriptive clarity3. Speaks to your companies level of experience & professionalism4. Motivates the reader to want to know more about your business/destination.In part II of my IV series on tourism marketing communications, I’ll reveal step #1 – the Credibility Statement©. This is one of the most important parts of your new promotional strategy you cannot afford to miss.